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The Incredible Blondes

The third NoStrings signing was another band formed at school. Frontman Barry McLeod and drummer Robert Campbell started The Lemons, who evolved into Protection before settling on The Incredible Blondes in 1984. The band always straddled two styles, the jangly melodic pop of the Postcard Records boom and the fuzz rock of the post New Wave movement. To this day the two styles live side by side in the band&s repertoire.

After hearing a session for Radio 1ís Janice Long Show, Nick Low immediately offered to release a single on NoStrings. With bass player Stephen Boyle and keyboard player Eddie Campbell (now with the band Texas) they recorded "Where Do I Stand? / True" for release in 1986. The single was played heavily on Radio 1 but failed to chart, and the band folded with their reputation intact and with a few classic trackss in the vault.

Fast forward to 2004, and a chance meeting between Barry McLeod and Nick Low led to the realisation that "Where Do I Stand?/True" had become a collector's item in Japan. They decided to search the NoStrings archive and record some new songs for a possible album. Japanese waitress and translator Aya Matsumoto, living in Glasgow, was called upon to translate the lyrics to "Where Do I Stand?" for a Japanese version. Aya's singing was so good she became the lead vocal on the track.

A mix of 7 original tracks and 7 brand new recordings make up The Incredible Blondes debut album "Where Do I Stand?" (only 20 years late!). The band also reformed for a gig in Glasgow at the album's launch on 26th March 2005. More Incredible Blondes info at

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