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Bukana was formed around 1997 when the guys met at Aberdeen University. The band consisting of Steve Crilly (vocals/harmonica), Russell Kostulin (bass/piano/fiddle/vocals), John Rochester (guitar/vocals), George McMillan (drums/vocals) and Drew Strachan (guitar/mandolin) have taken eight years to see the recording and release of their debut album , hence the title "Eight Year Alibi".

In their infancy the band played regularly in Aberdeen at venues like Drummond's and The Lemon Tree without ever straying too far from the city limits. However, in 2000 the band relocated to Edinburgh and began recordng a demo in Glasgow at The Riverside Studios.

The resultant demo was picked up by Nick Low, who was to subsequently resurrect his NoStrings Records imprint, and who invited the band to perform a session on the Janice Forsyth Show. The demo was also aired by Vic Galloway on BBC Scotland's Air programme after winning a demo vote. Since then the band have been rehearsing for live shows and played gigs around Scotland in support of the album release, including the "Big In Falkirk 2005 Festival".

For a first release the album follows an eclectic blueprint from the three distinct songwriting talents: "We're aware that we use a few different styles over the course of the album, but when you listen back to it I don't think you can necessarily hear all that, the overriding experience is one of melody and harmony. More Bukana info at

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