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Kevin McDermott

Kevin McDermott returns to NoStrings Records with the 7th January 2008 release "Wise To The Fade".Wise to the Fade

After the demise of The Suede Crocodiles, former frontman Kevin McDermott literally picked up his guitar and set off as a troubador. A whole new bunch of acoustic songs emerged and the idea to release a 12” where one side, known as the Fast Side "Slow Time & Temptation" ran at 45rpm (it features Kevin singing aged 4½) and 5 acoustic tracks were on the 33rpm Slow Side.

Kevin played everywhere and anywhere and appeared on Channel 4's influential TV programme "The Tube". He also completed a six week American tour with fellow NoStrings band del Amitri.

With the critical success of "Suffocation Blues" behind him, Kevin augmented the acoustic sound with the addition of brother Jim McDermott on drums, bassist Steph Greer and percussionist Chris Bramble. This line-up saw the evolution of the repertoire, which was to become the KMO's classic debut "Mother Nature's Kitchen". Island Records snapped the band up, ending NoStrings Records' involvement and that album was released in 1989.

The KMO continued to tour and release albums including "Bedazzled", "The Last Supper", "For Those In Peril From The Sea", and "Fair And Whole". 2008 sees Kevin return as a solo artist to NoStrings for the superb "Wise To The Fade" album. More Kevin McDermott info at  and

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