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The Suede Crocodiles

Popgun were a Glasgow band playing beat music for the 1980's. Kevin McDermott and Roddy Johnson (both guitar and vocals) along with bassist Ross Drummond and drummer David McCormick played gigs and stickered every spare inch of Glasgow. Justin Currie of del Amitri brought them to the attention of Nick Low and the offer to be the second band on NoStrings followed. Unhappy with the name Popgun being used for the record resulted in a search for a new name.

The Suede Crocodiles emerged with their debut single "Stop The Rain/Pleasant Dreamer" in 1983 produced by Rab Noakes. A UK support tour with ex-Haircut 100 frontman Nick Heyward resulted in a pop fanbase devolping and Nick Heyward was interested in producing the proposed follow up single "Paint Yourself A Rainbow". Kevin McDermott parted from the band in 1984 and the record never materialised.

Kevin McDermott embarked on a solo career, based on a more acoustic sound, releasing the NoStrings mini album "Suffocation Blues" in 1986. The rest of the band changed their name to The Fourth Room. A selection of 13 Suede Crocodiles' recordings from the NoStrings archive were made available to Accident Records for the vinyl album “Stop The Rain”, which appeared in Japan in 2001. More Kevin McDermott info at

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