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In 1983 in Nick Low and Graham Cochrane, under the name Louden Furious Music promoted a concert by New Order in their hometown of Glasgow, Scotland. On the proceeds of this NoStrings Records was formed to release singles by the band's they had been promoting locally in Glasgow, Scotland, namely del Amitri, Popgun, and Lloyd Cole and The Commotions. The NoStrings' slogan was "Beating Pop Hands Down" and 20 years on the resurrected label has that same mantra.

After a meeting at NoStrings HQ in 1983, it was decided that there was the money to do 2 singles well or 3 with cheaper sleeves, so with Lloyd Cole and The Commotions already poised to sign a publishing deal it was mutually decided to just do two singles for del Amitri and for Popgun, who changed their name to The Suede Crocodiles at that same meeting. Lloyd Cole went on to press his own single "Are You Ready To be Heartbroken", of which the copies were bought and destroyed before release by Polydor Records, with whom they went on to enjoy great success.

Del Amitri's "Sense Sickness" c/w "The Difference Is" followed in July 1983 closely followed by The Suede Crocodiles "Stop The Rain" c/w "Pleasant Dreamer". The singles received joint "Single of The Week" in both NME and Melody Maker and the interest in the label hailed as the "new Postcard Records" soared. After a John Peel session del Amitri signed to Chrysalis Records and released their self-titled album in 1985.

In 1985 after hearing a session by The Incredible Blondes on Radio 1's "Janice Long Show" whilst working in a rehearsal studio in Glasgow, Nick Low realised that it was the same band that was actually rehearsing in one of the studios at that time. He was so impressed with the session he offered to release a single by the time their rehearsal was over. "Where Do I Stand?" c/w "True" was released a few months later. It was a firm favourite with Janice Long and the band played a few gigs around Glasgow before splitting up.

After a major tour supporting "Nick Heyward" in 1983, frontman Kevin McDermott left The Suede Crocodiles to pursue a solo career, and his first solo outing was the NoStrings' mini-album "Suffocation Blues". It was a mixture of a 45rpm 12" single on one side "Slow Time & Temptation" backed with five acoustic songs at 33rpm on the other side. 3 copies were pressed with a blank B side and Kevin went in person to the homes of the 3 lucky fans and played the songs live to them. Kevin visited one fan in Florida and two in England to play the missing songs and he also appeared on the Channel 4 programme "The Tube". Kevin formed The Kevin McDermott Orchestra and later signed to Island Records, releasing the classic "Mother Nature's Kitchen" in 1989. Kevin is still producing music today, and "Suffocation Blues" was re-issued in 2004 on CD by River Records. Renewed interest in The Suede Crocodiles in Japan around 2000 led to the 13 track album "Stop The Rain" on Accident Records.

NoStrings Records went into hibernation only to be resurrected after a chance meeting between Nick Low and The Incredible Blondes frontman Barry McLeod in 2004. In the meantime, interest in Japan had gathered some steam and they decided to release The Incredible Blondes album they had wanted to release 20 years earlier. "Where Do I Stand?" is a mixture of half original recordings and half new songs all penned by Barry McLeod. The first 500 copies of the CD will come with a free white vinyl version. Aya Matsumoto, then living in Glasgow translated and sang lead on a new Japanese version of "Where Do I Stand?" which ends the album.

Scottish band Bukana were pleased to be added to the NoStrings roster when Nick Low discovered their album "Eight Year Alibi" had failed to be released on another label. This album of classic tunes shows a new band who sit with the NoStrings ethic of catchy pop songs, but with a harder edge.

So NoStrings re-entered the Indie arena in 2005 with two releases by THE INCREDIBLE BLONDES and BUKANA. 2008 starts with KEVIN McDERMOTT'S long awaited "WISE TO THE FADE" album, launched at Celtic Connections in Glasgow. Returning to the label that launched his career.


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